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This Wednesday!

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As youth arrive, they walk into an environment filled with high fives, fist bumps, and music. Volleyball and ultimate bump are the current favorite activities where community building begins. Once everyone has arrived, we move into a group game or activity that is aimed at preparing our hearts to receive what God has for us on that specific night. These games and activities are often competitive, most of the time silly, and always filled with distractions because.. middle school.. A brief intermission for snacks and mingling leads into a message from one of our adult leaders. Then, we break into small groups to discuss the topic at hand and attempt to get to the heart of the theme. An invitation for students to respond to what God is saying is offered and we end the night with prayer, asking God to draw us closer to Him. As a youth ministry team, we stay docile to what the Holy Spirit wants to do during any given night. This means the specific plan you see on this page may not happen as it was written up! 


Made for (More)

Content wise, we are continuing the journey we set out on at the beginning of this year. Each week we will look at the upcoming Sunday Mass readings and extract a theme of the spiritual life to focus on. This theme then becomes the “Made for _____” of the night.

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