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Virtual Youth Group!

Within hours of posting my last blog, hopes for an Adoration Retreat, St. Patrick's Social Night, and other big events were sadly dashed by social distancing, self-quarantine, and other safety measures promoted for the health of our Spokane community. We reside now in a time of limbo, wondering when we will meet again as NCYM. However! For a generation that already loves to gather online, there is a great opportunity for youth to continue to grow in faith.

Catholic youth ministries all around the country have come together to create an online youth group experience. Starting this Sunday, March 22nd, we as NCYM are invited to participate in what is being called "the biggest youth night ever." Beginning at 5 pm, speakers and worship leaders in the Catholic youth ministry world will lead an online youth group designed to encourage young people through these isolating times. Follow THIS LINK to learn more.

NCYM is signed up to participate – all your teenager has to do is head to PROJECTYM.COM/WATCH this Sunday at 5 pm.

Three quick notes:

  1. The broadcast starts at 5 pm (PST), but plan to have your student login a few minutes early to make sure they’re on when it starts.

  2. They can access the event on any device with a web browser – but the faster the connection, the better.

  3. I will be hosting an NCYM GroupMe group chat for those tuning in to the broadcast. This will allow our specific group to interact while the youth night is happening. It will be open to NCYM members only. More information on GroupMe to come this weekend.

I’ll send a Flocknote Sunday afternoon to remind you. Though this event is geared at teenagers, parents are invited to watch along with them!

There are so many ways to continue growing in your faith during what could be desolate times. Watching mass, joining online groups in prayer, following amazing content creators. Expect more from me in the coming weeks!

Peace to you all,


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